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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [proposal] add Forrest binaries to our CVS
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:22:32 GMT
> Yes, but is it the "concern" of cocoon-doc contributors to test Forrest? 
> Sorry, I don't think so. We need a docs-generation system that is 
> reliable, so those who want to help don't have to first figure out why 
> the docs generation system is broken before they can contribute.

Ok, true. But I am not quite sure if adding just another 11MB to 
cocoon-2.x repository (or even both repositories) is the better way!

> Remember, doc contributors aren't necessary committers. They may be 
> one-time contributors with a limited amount of time. I think we want 
> them spending the majority of their time on content and **not** on 
> troubleshooting a system they may not even use/need...

If we would go for a separate cocoon-docs repository it would be ok to
have it included IMO. But we had this discussion before IIRC.

> Just my (at times frustrated) 2 cents for all the times I experienced 
> delays because I couldn't build docs on head branch.

Sorry, for that :(

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