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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [proposal] add Forrest binaries to our CVS
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 11:40:47 GMT
On 21/03/2003 11:57 Torsten Curdt wrote:

>> Could we add a binary version of Forrest (including Cocoon binaries) 
>> to our CVS repository so that everyone can generate the docs reliably 
>> from the same version of Forrest, using it as a blackbox tool?
> That would mean we would have to download cocoon "twice"?!
> I am -1 for inclusion in the cocoon repository as binary.
> But I am +10 for building cocoon from source and the use *that*
> version to generate the docs. As Steven(?) already pointed
                                          ^^^ (yup)
> out: a very good testcase.

Been discussing this here with Bruno, I'm starting to change my opinion 
on this:

- of all the Maven/Anakia-based projects, how many actually embed the 
build or docs system into their CVS? Just like we might expect people to 
have Ant installed when they want to build Cocoon, we could expect them 
to install Forrest - if they don't want to build, they will get a 
bin/dist instead with generated (java)docs

- there's for people who want uptodate/preview 
doco, though fast/immediate preview might not be what people really want

- I assume we are (I am!) tempted to do some 'bootstrap' thing, i.e. a 
tool requiring itself to generate its own docs, but this adds to the 
complexity of the doco environment, and moves attention away from the 
difficult part: Content & Structure

So couldn't we expect from somebody who wants to contribute to the 
official documentation they have Forrest installed?

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