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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] MigratingFrom2.0.4To2.1dev Mon Mar 31 21:00:02 2003
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 19:00:07 GMT
Page: , version: 10 on Mon
Mar 31 18:41:53 2003 by StevenCummings

+ ''We could develop this page as two parts, "changes" and "migration tips" and put it back
into that page in the official documentation. The "updating" page appears to be somewhat incomplete.--[StevenCummings]''
+ *** Additionally, it seems that because {{SAXParser}} does not extend the {{Component}}
interface, that you must cast it as a {{Component}} when issuing it to the {{release}} method
of your component manager. Of course you just use the new interface to cast the result of

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