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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [Proposal] Use CVS Forrest, Forrestbot for docs
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2003 09:23:57 GMT

If you:

 - Fetch the latest CVS Forrest, or to be safe:
   cvs up -D "2003-03-23 07:02:00 GMT"
 - Go to src/documentation/, and rename sitemap.xmap.forrest05 to

Then typing 'forrest' produces this site, without errors:

(I've left out the PDFs as they would take forever to upload.)

I've also added Cocoon to the Forrestbot run, regenerating every 4 hours:

However as the Forrestbot doesn't provide an opportunity to copy
sitemap.xmap.forrest05 to sitemap.xmap, the FAQs and some .txt links are

So how about we:
 - Rename sitemap.xmap.forrest05 to sitemap.xmap in CVS, thus making the
   Forrestbot output "committable".
 - (optional) Fix the Cocoon 'build docs' target to read its sitemap from
   another file, so the old doc generation process still works
 - Switch on Forrestbot's commit facility, so any committer can
   regenerate and commit the updated HTML/PDF from the web interface.

This way, people doing serious doc generation can obtain a Forrest
snapshot, and everyone else can rely on the Forresbot to view updates
(updates can be triggered manually), and potentially commit the results.

Sound decent?


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