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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] CalebRacey Tue Mar 4 18:00:01 2003
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 17:00:01 GMT
Page: , version: 1 on Tue Mar  4 16:03:42
2003 by CalebRacey

New page created:
+ Hi I'm setting up cocoon as a web publishing resource at a british university.
+ I am interested in using mod_proxy instead of the coyote jk jk2 mod_webapp family of connectors.
This is because it looks easier to set up and is reusable (i can use it to mount perl servers,
.NET servers etc.)  I hope to write an article on configuring the caching of mod_proxy as
we have some large (300 page +) pdf files that are generated from xhtml which place a large
load on the cocoon server.
+ I also intend to write a guide on setting up a tomcat server and optimising it for cocoon
and xml > pdf and xml > svg generation as this is what i'll be doing.  

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