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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Migration to Forrest
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 06:31:13 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> Stephan Michels wrote:

> > But for me there are some issue unresolved:
> > 
> > 1. Should Cocoon any longer produce his own docs? This mean
> > that we must include stuff from forrest.
> +1
> IMHO the ideal solution would be for Cocoon to build its own
> documentation, using the Forrest DTDs and a skin checked into
> Cocoon CVS.

Actually, i do not see any alternative. Cocoon needs to
generate its own docs from the webapp, so yes it needs all
that stuff.

> Advantages:
>  - Cocoon developers don't need to download another 12mb of
>    mostly-identical jars to build the docs.  That would be a major
>    disincentive to anyone wanting to contribute a 5-line doc patch.
>  - From Forrest's POV, this is great; no more "big bang" integration
>    efforts, trying to synch with Cocoon.  Cocoon gets to eat its own
>    dogfood.  Whoever broke the cocoon.xconf reloading gets to experience
>    first-hand the pain it causes.  When Berin runs './ docs' and
>    it doesn't exit, he'll remember his half-finished TCPThreadManager
>    patch ;)

Would it be possible for people to use Forrest if they
have it installed to build the Cocoon docs, otherwise
they just use the Cocoon webapp to build and test the xdocs?


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