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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: XMLForm/Flow Integration Documentation
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 17:13:26 GMT

On Sunday, February 23, 2003, at 08:25  PM, Christopher Oliver wrote:

> Any suggestions on how to document this stuff: 
> ?
> To write an XMLForm application with the flow layer involves at least:
> 1) Writing XForm documents for each of the pages in your Form
> 2) Writing a schematron script that describes your validation
> 3) Writing a flow script that describes your page flow and programmed
>    validation
> 4) Writing transformers and serializers for your presentation
> 5) Writing a sitemap that pulls the above elements together

Do you have time to write a how-to (based on the referenced XMLForm 
feedback sample??) which demonstrates all of the above as well as 
provides links to more in-depth references, as you noted below? If so, 

If not, how about contributing a few good snippets? If so, see:

Such snippets (and links to other resources) could be referenced in a 
separate doc.

> For (1) we need a reference and user guide for the XMLForm UI elements 
> (e.g. xf:select, xf:textarea, etc). Just making a link to the W3 XForms 
> site is not very nice, since there are significant differences between 
> Cocoon XML Forms and W3C XForms (one is server-side, the other 
> client-side, etc, etc).

If you don't have time to start something these guides, then perhaps it 
could be added to the Doc's wish list on wiki. Since we don't have a 
mechanism worked out yet for generating reference pages, perhaps the 
content could start off in its own doc.

> For (2) we need a reference and user guide for Schematron (in this case 
> maybe a link to the Schematron web site and tutorials is good enough?)

I think it's good enough. A description accompanying a recommended link 
is even better. Others can surely help here.

> For (4) there should already be other documentation

Yes, but some minimal example would be necessary if you are writing a 
full-fledged how-to.

> For (5) we need to document the sitemap elements you need to supply for 
> (1),(2), and (3) above.

Again, snippets or a how-to would work here as well.

Sounds very promising!!


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