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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject XMLForm/Flow Integration Documentation
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 01:25:30 GMT
Any suggestions on how to document this stuff: ?

To write an XMLForm application with the flow layer involves at least:

1) Writing XForm documents for each of the pages in your Form
2) Writing a schematron script that describes your validation
3) Writing a flow script that describes your page flow and programmed
4) Writing transformers and serializers for your presentation
5) Writing a sitemap that pulls the above elements together

For (1) we need a reference and user guide for the XMLForm UI elements 
(e.g. xf:select, xf:textarea, etc). Just making a link to the W3 XForms 
site is not very nice, since there are significant differences between 
Cocoon XML Forms and W3C XForms (one is server-side, the other 
client-side, etc, etc).

For (2) we need a reference and user guide for Schematron (in this case 
maybe a link to the Schematron web site and tutorials is good enough?)

For (3) we need a reference and user guide for the Flow JavaScript API 
(e.g. sendView(), addViolation(), etc). What's the best way to document 
JavaScript code. Would "JSDoc" (a la "Javadoc") be appropriate?

For (4) there should already be other documentation

For (5) we need to document the sitemap elements you need to supply for 
(1),(2), and (3) above.



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