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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: [WIKI-UPDATE] BeginnerDefaultPort Tue Feb 11 23:00:03 2003
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:43:36 GMT
I realise a big problem with this apache-tomcat connecting issue.

the problem
There is a manifold of apache-installation patterns,
depending on OS, SSL, virtual hosting and so on. Then there
is a slight shift of "defaults" depending of the versions of
apache and especially tomcat (e.g. Connectors default is moving)
Which scenario would be the "default scenario" ? i can't tell.
But the configuration of the apache-tomcat bridge is "slightly"
dependent of this. questions raise:

* where shall i put my mod_jk.conf and
   in my scenario ?
* When should i use the auto-configuration option of tomcat ?
* How do i switch on auto-configa after all?
   (again this depends on the tomcat-version you use...)
* Do i have jk2 support on my webserver. What to do, if not?
* Why should i switch from ajp12 to jk ?

A manifold of other questions raise.

possible short term solutions
OK, i can reduce the complexity by telling the user:

* use tomcat-4.1.18
* use apache-1.3.26 without SSL and no virtual hosting

That would make the description much easier, but would this
be of common value ?

Or i can point to the docs of apache and tomcat. For a
beginner this seems to be of no good, except they are already
familiar with administration...

How to proceed ?
I just get doubts, if this page could ever be of value, because
i can't describe all possible scenarios, i can't tell a default 
scenario, i'm simply lost here ...

I would appreciate, if someone who is more familiar with
tomcat-apache setup to make a review of this page and give
me some hints, what i could do about managing complexity ;-)

A possible long term solution:
Maybe we should create some sort of "configuration wizard", that
gets some pointers to tomcat and apache locations, figures out
what is going on and spills out the perfect config and a
"TODO list" for things that still have to be done manually ?
This in fact should not be so hard to afford, tomcat is almoust
there with its' autoconfig-generation option.

regards, Hussayn

Steven Noels wrote:
> SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous wrote:
>> hy;
>> i am afraid the Wiki Page for begginers on connecting tomcat with apache
>> has gone out of control. Anyone there, who could help me
>> getting this back into a convenient shape ?
> Hussayn, what do you mean with 'gone out of control'?
> </Steven>

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