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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] BeginnerSimpleWebappTutorial Tue Feb 4 11:00:02 2003
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 10:00:02 GMT
Page:, version: 6 on Tue
Feb  4 09:09:29 2003 by Dabbous

- *The path to cocoon is "http://cocoprise/cocoon"\\This means, if you enter this URL to your
browser, cocoon will answer with the cocoon welcome page. 
+ *We use assume cocoon has been deployed into a Servlet Container running on the host named
"localhost". The deployed webapp is named "cocoon" and the HTTP-Port of the Servlet Container
is set to 8080 (the HTTP-standard port for Tomcat). Now typing the URL __{{http://localhost:8080/cocoon}}__
will show the cocoon welcome page. 
+ Of course you have to use your particular settings for host and port. Please keep this in
mind when working on the examples.

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