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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] InterpretedSitemapInternals Sitemap Sun Feb 2 00:01:03 2003
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 23:01:04 GMT
Page:, version: 1 on Sat
Feb  1 22:55:27 2003 by NicolaKen

New page created:
+ The TreeProcessor works by creating an evaluation tree of ProcessingNodes corresponding
to sitemap statements. It asks a TreeBuilder to create this tree and then handles requests
with it.
+ The TreeBuilder reads the sitemap file (in an Avalon Configuration object) and builds this
tree by invoking a ProcessingNodeBuilder for each element encountered in the sitemap. The
ProcessingNodeBuilder in turn creates an appropriate ProcessingNode that will be used at runtime
to "execute" the sitemap.
+ The ProcessingNode isn't created directly from the sitemap element, since some sitemap elements
don't always lead to identical processing depending either on their attributes (e.g. <map:call
resource=""> and <map:call function="">) or the used components (e.g. <map:match>
which is different for regular Matcher and PreparedMatcher).
+ The DefaultTreeBuilder has a createComponentManager() method that creates - guess what?
- the CM that is to be used within the processing tree to lookup components. In that default
implementation, this is just the "current" one (i.e. the one passed to "compose()").
+ But if you look at SitemapLanguage, which is a subclass of DefaultTreeBuilder, you will
notice that its createComponentManager() method creates a new CocoonComponentManager and configures
it with <map:components>. So <map:components> defines components of the sitemap
just a cocoon.xconf defines them for the Cocoon object.
+ Adding a custom classloader to the sitemap to handle blocks should thus be just a matter
of giving that custom classloader to the created CM.

Page:, version: 12 on Sat Feb  1 22:54:07
2003 by NicolaKen

- The sitemap is turned into executable code ({{}}) using the sitemap [Logicsheet].
The sitemap can be re-generated each time {{sitemap.xmap}} is modified, this 
?             ^

+ The old compiled sitemap was turned into executable code ({{}}) using the
sitemap [Logicsheet]. The sitemap can be re-generated each time {{sitemap.xmap}} is modified,
?    +++++++++++++         ^^

- ''Note: this is changing, as I believe the sitemap is going to be interpreted rather than
compiled -- [Leigh Dodds]''
+ The new sitemap is now interpreted rather than compiled, so it's much faster to load and
process. Here is a guide about [Interpreted Sitemap Internals].

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