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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Use Forrest to build Cocoon docs
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 04:11:57 GMT
Moved from the cocoon-dev thread to cocoon-docs. Was:
 Re: closing cocoon-docs? (was: Cocoon Project Report)

Diana Shannon wrote:
> Steven Noels wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> >>
> >> I thought that "square one" was working out the proposal
> >> to use Forrest to process the Cocoon docs. That conversion
> >> from docv10->docv11 is a part of the process.
> >>
> > Sure, David - fully aware of that. My 'big hidden agenda' (duh)
> > was to add a first step to the main cocoon build, so that
> > others could jump in and expand.

Yikes, please no hidden agenda. Our plan with that proposal
was to initiate a co-ordinated effort.

> > That doc makes reference to a trail-run-F target
> > which was buried somewhere in Forrest and since it is only
> > of limited concern to Forrest, I wonder why it should be there.
> This was based on very helpful advice Nicola Ken provided me
> off-list as I was working on the transition. Because the Forrest
> transition work was a WIP, it seemed inappropriate to place them
> in Cocoon's CVS. Given the fact that Forrest's ability to mount
> "external" xdocs is fundamental, it seemed appropriate to place
> the transition files there.
> > Also, I figured a mass-convert to the new format would make it
> > easier to start the clean-up work.
> I guess I don't understand what you mean by a mass-convert. We've 
> already done that, haven't we?

We have only done an experiment based on Diana's Wiki doc
HowToForrestTransition. The conversion of xdocs from v10 to v11
format is a once-off task, but there are many ramifications.
Hence the Wiki doc ForrestProposal to attempt some co-ordinated
plan for doing the whole job.

> All that remains are tweaking a few configuration files.
> Have you tried using the existing files David and I developed?

I think much more is involved. For example, how does the
Cocoon webapp continue to work with the new documentation
v11 format. I expect that all the documentation stylesheets
and documentation/sitemap.xmap need to change too.


Let us not dampen anyone's enthusiasm on this. The last
time we started raising the associated issues, everyone
went quiet for many months.

At some stage we need to just do the once-off conversion,
and then pick up the pieces. This would be better done
before Cocoon-2.1 is released.


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