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From "Jeremy Aston" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon is too complex for consumption?
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 12:59:14 GMT
There are good reasons why ctwig is hidden now, mainly because it fell out
of step with documentation as that moved on.  I have intended for sometime
to update the stuff so that it can go back into the "mainstream" examples
but it has had to drop down my priority list for various reasons.  Having
said that, IMHO there are a shed load of places (including the dist docs)
that cover basic xml/xslt/xsp handling with Cocoon.  So why is it that
people feel Cocoon is too difficult to get into?  Does ctwig still fill a
gap?  Could we have even more simple examples, wars etc that people can just
pick up and use?

I am personally very concerned that the perception is still of Cocoon as a
difficult beast to get into.  The recent threads on this are a kick up the
backside for me as far as getting ctwig up to date goes but it would be nice
to know that that is still what is needed.  I promise to work on this in the
very near future so let me know if you think anything else needs doing to
make being a Cocoon newbie as welcoming a prospect as possible



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> From: e nio []
> Sent: 25 January 2003 07:22
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> Subject: Re: Cocoon is too complex for consumption?
>   At one time there was the CTWIG as part of the samples I
> believed or maybe it was a link on the getting started
> documentation. Yes it would be nice for us newbies to start with
> that and get acquainted with cocoon.  Anyhow here is the link
> from Jeremy's site:
> And if you do a search on the humongous cocoon source, you'd
> find ctwig under documentation/xdocs/ctwig.
> enio
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