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From Jens Lorenz <>
Subject Re: Out of which branch should the website be published?
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 10:49:35 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Steven Noels wrote: 


>>  - some docs in the HEAD branch are not pertinent for the public 
>>website (non-release-version docs)
> No. We decided some time back not to maintain separate
> versions of docs but to just note at the top of the doc
> if it pertained to a certain branch. 
>>  - what about the 2_0_3/2_0_4 branch?
>>    - 2_0_4 contains recent changes (at least from Sylvain)
>>    - 2_0_3 has been the focal point of David's efforts lately
> As already discussed, there is only HEAD and
> release branch, though the latter should actually
> be called just "cocoon_2_0_branch".
>>Maybe all this might become more clear if we
>>  - isolate docs into their own CVS module (yes, I know this has been 
>>suggested before - I believe the complexity and volume of Cocoon doco 
>>warrants this, and requires some dedication to sort out where to commit 
> There is a big problem with people not also committing
> doc changes into the release branch (only head). Yes this
> is discouraging and a separate cvs module might help.
> Did we decide something in that previous discussion
> and did we look at the associated issues? I cannot
> find the original thread.
>>  - maintain a branch LIVE_WEBSITE over there?
> How will that help? We already have problems with
> branch management.

Just a suggestion: I know that the Jakarta POI web site is automatically 
generated (I assume from cvs). To know their solution might help with 
creating a solution for the Cocoon web site.



Jens Lorenz

interface:projects GmbH                             \\|//
Tolkewitzer Strasse 49                              (o o)
01277 Dresden                               ~~~~oOOo~(_)~oOOo~~~~

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