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From Steven Noels <>
Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] SandBox As400 StevenNoels Thu Jan 23 17:01:05 2003
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 16:01:09 GMT
Page:, version: 61 on Thu Jan 23 15:57:25 2003
by StevenNoels

+ second change

Page:, version: 13 on Thu Jan 23 16:00:58 2003
by DanFeather

+ !!!Making Cocoon 2.0.4 run in Websphere 3.5.X on an AS/400
+ # Deploy the cocoon.war file using the "Console\Tasks\Convert a War File" menu option from
the Admin Console.
+ # Add all the jar files in the "servlets" directory to the classpath of the appliction server
you are deploying it in. You can do this a number of ways. You can do it by clicking the button
labeled "Environment..." and adding a "CLASSPATH" environment variable with the value being
a colon (:) delimited list of the full path to each of the jar files (''This gets to be pretty
long. You might want to use a text editor you can cut and paste out of to type up the classpath
first. You can edit the classpath once it is set in the console, you will have to delete it
and re-add it if you mess up.'') You can also add every jar to the newly created cocoon webapp's
classpath. This is the spot where you can run into the most problems. If you have old versions
of Xerces, Xalan, and/or any of the other api's in the /QIBM/UserData/Java400/ext directory,
they may break cocoon. Any jar files in /QIBM/UserData/Java400/ext are automatically prepended
to the classpath of the application server!
. Thus, if you try to add a different version of Xerces to the classpath via the admin console,
it will not work if you have another Xerces jar in the above directory, since will get prepended
to the classpath and be used first. Remember, if you update any of the jar files in /QIBM/UserData/Java400/ext
the effect will be system wide... meaining ANY java programs may be affected, whether they
are running in Websphere or QSH. The classpath on the AS/400 can be a strange beast.
+ # Go into the web subdirectory under the cocoon webapp directory (i.e. /QIBM/UserData/WebASAdv/default/hosts/default_host/cocoon/web)
and copy the __ENTIRE__ WEB-INF subdirectory over to the servlets subdirectory under the cocoon
directory (i.e./ QIBM/UserData/WebASAdv/default/hosts/default_host/cocoon/servlets).  This
is what makes it all work...WAS 3.5 does not deploy WARs properly and it looks for this information
in the wrong place.
+ ([DanFeather])
+ ''A special thanks to Bob Hitchins for helping me out with this''

Page:, version: 14 on Thu Jan 23 15:15:16
2003 by StevenNoels

+ ''this line just added to test the wikimail script''

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