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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Out of which branch should the website be published?
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 08:39:08 GMT

David was looking off-list into some issues with the website, and I was 
trying to help.

Currently, I have a check-out of:

  - cocoon_2_0_3 branch
  - cocoon_2_0_4 branch
  - HEAD

on my machine, but I fail to see how we can consistently decide which 
branch (or HEAD) should go on the public website.

  - news.xml of the HEAD branch contains relevant info
  - some docs in the HEAD branch are not pertinent for the public 
website (non-release-version docs)
  - what about the 2_0_3/2_0_4 branch?
    - 2_0_4 contains recent changes (at least from Sylvain)
    - 2_0_3 has been the focal point of David's efforts lately

Maybe all this might become more clear if we

  - isolate docs into their own CVS module (yes, I know this has been 
suggested before - I believe the complexity and volume of Cocoon doco 
warrants this, and requires some dedication to sort out where to commit 
  - maintain a branch LIVE_WEBSITE over there?

Steven Noels                  
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