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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Where to submit doc fixes?
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 08:12:21 GMT
Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:
> Hi,
> unfortunately I didn't find where/how to submit documentation fixes,
> so I'm asking here now:
>   - I read the documentation from CVS HEAD and didn't find it.

>   - I tried to get information from <>,
>     but ezmlm doesn't have any info about this list.
>   - I tried to submit a bug in bugzilla, but there is no way to
>     categorize a bug as documentation bug.

Just add [PATCH] to the front of the bug Summary line
and summarise what you are patching. Do not worry too much
about categorisation - we can figure it out if you just
describe it.

> It's just a few little things, but if submitting patches is made too
> difficult, one's mood tends to change towards "so what" :-)

That is right. We want it to be easy for everyone.

> Well, as the current traffic on this list currently doesn't seem to be
> too much, I'll just attach my patches. It's nothing major, but still
> stuff which should be fixed :-)
> Uli

Thanks, i have applied your patches.

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