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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Use Forrest to build Cocoon docs
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2002 11:01:05 GMT

On Friday, November 15, 2002, at 08:57  PM, David Crossley wrote:

>> I'm halfway through a trial run of
>> the process (using existing release cvs) and will report
>> back here with
>> files/links/impressions later today.

I need a bit more time. I'm trying to document what I do to save the 
time of any interested Cocoon committer who wants to replicate it (so 
that they can understand the implications of the transition (via 
existing cvs or separate module). Perhaps it will make a nice How-
To/Case Study for Forrest (expanding on what Jeff wrote under "Seeding 
an Existing Project"  (

I also plan to meet Stefano in Boston today, weather permitting, so I'm 
afraid this work, almost finished, will need to wait until Monday.

> Do you mean a trial run of Forrest itself? You will be pleased.

No, not only...

> Or do you mean a trial run of our old doc10-to-doc11
> transition process of Cocoon CVS? We need to fix this.

Fixed, although I'm sure it will benefit from your tweaks...

> The old Forrest scratchpad is broken. Nicola Ken has been
> working on xml-forrest/src/resources/convert/* and we need
> to put the old Cocoon stuff in there.

Ok, I'll place files I don't know what to do with there.

I'm using Cocoon's existing cvs's and adding all relevant Forrest files 
to it (, etc.) instead of the reverse (grabbing xdocs 
and adding them to a simple Forrest project, as we did before). I'm 
using the source of our old scratchpad build targets and have edited 
them to work with the new ant, build process, etc. I'm building the 
result for both head and release docs which I'll post on my site.

It's all ***quite*** impressive Forresters!


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