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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: comments added to wiki proposal
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 00:54:44 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Diana Shannon wrote:
> > I think we also need to rewrite the page into a proposal (on its own 
> > page), e.g.
> This first step was to gather the issues. I am not sure
> if we are finished with that yet. We may be able to dispense
> with some, and perhaps there are others that we have missed.
> I was expecting the list of issues/requirements to evolve
> into an actual proposal.
> > What-Why-When-Where-How, that is
> > - What
> >    Describe what Forrest is
> > - Why
> >    Describe benefits of transition
> > - When
> >    Propose a schedule
> > - Where
> >    Describe how it will impact the cvs (or not), e.g. give options
> > - How
> >    Describe the steps involved and their implications/outstanding issues
> I wonder how much effort that we need to go to at this
> stage. The details of the procedure (How and impacts) could
> come later. Our first goal is to get a basic proposal
> happening and vote on that. The vote then brings us more people
> to help with working out the details.

On re-reading that last paragraph of mine, i feel that my
intent is not properly conveyed. So a re-write ...

We need to go to a certain level of effort to develop the
proposal. We need to express the bones of a W-W-W-W-H outline.
Included in each section are some "impacts" and "implications",
still just the bones.

I am concerned that our process will drag on, so we need to
get the vote happening soon and then add flesh to our "method"

Today i added a ToDo item to the Wiki and linked it to
Diana's W-W-W-W-H outline email.


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