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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] small news update patch for cocoon gettogether
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 12:44:32 GMT

On Tuesday, October 8, 2002, at 03:23  AM, David Crossley wrote:

> As to the website, please reflect the modifications
> yourself.

He can't reflect the modifications. Cocoon committers have to get it 
into the live site cvs first.

>  Sorry, i do not know how to update the website.
> Another thing that i must learn.

It's not difficult, really, just tedious. You need to:
- sync head and release regarding docs (at least I do)
- perform a build of the release branch to generate html docs
- check out the latest version of live site cvs (any commiter can do 
at /home/cvs/xml-site/targets/cocoon
- sync html docs between your build and live site cvs (I use diff.) Not 
all docs in the live site cvs are in the release build. We have a few 
redirects, for example, based on old docs that were moved. This part is 
the most tedious.
- check internal links since you are merging html docs (I use a 
third-party tool)
- commit any changes to the live site cvs. This can be a rather 
time-consuming step, for example, when updating javadocs.
- email Carsten, Vadim, or me, (or Steven?) to update the web site 
(which simply is a checked-out version of the live site cvs). You need 
privileges on to update the live site from the cvs.


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