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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Keeping website docs in sync with *released* version?
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:43:24 GMT
Hi Diana, thanks for the comments!

>. . .We'd need to remember to
> provide redirects (from old URIs) in a major way.

yes ok, we'll need this.

>. . .Beta or alpha docs. Alpha should be marked differently...

I used "beta" as a generic term. What's important IMHO is to use terminology 
that is understandable by Joe User (who might have no clue what CVS or WIP 

But yes, being able to categorize (parts of) documents as "alpha, beta, 
release" is certainly good if the effort is not too big for authors. 

In a document production system that I helped design we use a 
"publish-status" attribute on all block-level elements, which is inherited by 
inner elements from outer elements at publication time and has values like 
"draft", "beta", "release", etc.

Maybe something along these lines should be added to the xdocs DTD to 
generate these categorizations?

>. . .I think CVS is great for code, but it really gets in the way with docs
> management....

Coming from a coding background, maybe I tend to use CVS too much? I'm open 
to your ideas of course, keeping in mind the "external requirement" of not 
confusing users with docs that are out-of-sync with the released version and 
not marked as such.

What scares me if we're not using CVS tags is having to revisit every 
document on each release, to move "alpha" elements to "release" and so on. 
Hopefully you or someone has a better idea...

> If you have time, you should check out how much Forrest can do in all of
> the above areas.

I did this morning - Forrest looks great to me, and I see the potential much 
better now.


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