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From David Crossley <>
Subject LinkAlarm> Full Check - 95 for Apache Cocoon
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 11:36:10 GMT
Here is the recent LinkAlarm report following Diana's
update of the website. The solitary broken internal
link is a strange one - all links to bylaws-addendum.xml
are busted. However it is definitely in CVS and it is
properly linked in book.xml and it works in my local
build docs.

Please see 
for how to help with fixing broken links.

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From: LinkAlarm <>
Subject: LinkAlarm> Full Check - 95 for Apache Cocoon
Date: 20 Oct 2002 03:02:30 -0400

On 19 Oct 02 LinkAlarm checked the links on the site:

"Apache Cocoon"

   LinkAlarm Report:

   21 Pages with Alarms

   Site Control: Checking options for this site

C H E C K   R E S U L T

Pages: 212       Score: 95       Failure: 1.6%

Of the 212 pages checked, 21 (or 10%) were found to have one or more alarms.

LinkAlarm checked 565 internal links and found 1 (or 0%) need attention.
Internal links are URLs that point to files inside your site.

LinkAlarm also checked 359 external links and found 14 (or 4%) need attention.
External links are URLs that point to files outside your site.

The LinkAlarm Score for this site (95) is an average of the page and alarm
ratios above. A score of 100 indicates all links checked reported no alarms.

The link failure rate for this site (1.6%) is better than
the benchmark link failure rate of 4.3% for the category - Computers & Internet.
See for more about the link failure benchmark.
LinkAlarm noted the following issues when checking your site:

- LinkAlarm did not verify 77 links during this check. See the Links Not Checked section of
your report.

- 1 unique news link(s) identified.

- LinkAlarm found 49 unique email address(es) and could not verify successful delivery to
4 (or 8%).

LinkAlarm - Web Site Quality Assurance
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