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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject RE: Generator How-To
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:13:12 GMT
> Thanks Geoff, it is now in CVS for both HEAD and 2.0.3
> ...
Great.  Thanks for doing that.

> Unfortunately, the public website version must await the next
> irregular manual upload (come on Forrest, get running).
That's probably better as the end is still unfinished.

> Would you provide a few dot points. We can patch
> xdocs/plan/issues-doc.xml to indicate the need.
> There is one document that helps a little
> xdocs/installing/updating.xml
Do you mean dot points on where I feel the container issues are
poorly documented or where I'd like review of what I've written?

> Provide more patches anytime you feel the need. Be sure to
> keep your CVS working copy up-to-date or monitor
> From here on, you are not the only person editing the document.
Will do - I'll check it out of cvs now.

> I noticed that your document had many long lines, and some of the
> paragraphs were all one line. This makes it rather difficult to
> clearly see cvs diffs in the future. Also, source code sections
> are not properly wrapped. So i tidied the document a bit.
> --David
Yes, sorry about that.  I didn't clean the last draft up.  Is 80 
columns preferred?


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