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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Generator How-To
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 05:11:46 GMT
Thanks Geoff, it is now in CVS for both HEAD and 2.0.3

Geoff Howard wrote:
> Finally, draft 3.  I've got the final example with most of the code (even
> tested it) but no discussion yet.  There are now enough truth claims in here
> that I would love comments from anyone who could point out factual errors.
> I have written many and corrected any I have seen.

Now it will get a wider audience and can easily be modified.
Unfortunately, the public website version must await the next
irregular manual upload (come on Forrest, get running).

> I'm most suspicious of
> the Avalon/Excalibur/Cocoon Container relationships as it's a huge subject
> and not very well documented to date.

Would you provide a few dot points. We can patch
xdocs/plan/issues-doc.xml to indicate the need.
There is one document that helps a little

> I did read the free chapter of
> Carsten and Matthew's book and would love for anyone who has forked over the
> money for the real deal to let me know if this tuturial should reach for
> less given the existence now of this book and others like it.  Specifically,
> the promised chapter from a developer's perspective probably covers all this
> and much more.

Books are well and good, but we still need core
documentation such as yours.

> Feel free to put this in CVS - I don't know the process here.  Should I
> submit it via bugzilla to do this?  Diana?

Via Bugzilla is the preferred way, because it is easier for
committers to process. It also keeps track of the patch in case
all committers are busy and do not get around to it for a while.
It also ensures that committers do not waste time, by more than
one of us tweaking the same patch ready for commit.

That said, anyway that you send it is fine.

Provide more patches anytime you feel the need. Be sure to
keep your CVS working copy up-to-date or monitor
>From here on, you are not the only person editing the document.

I noticed that your document had many long lines, and some of the
paragraphs were all one line. This makes it rather difficult to
clearly see cvs diffs in the future. Also, source code sections
are not properly wrapped. So i tidied the document a bit.

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