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From David Crossley <>
Subject LinkAlarm> Full Check - 99 for Apache Cocoon
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 02:05:55 GMT
The LinkAlarm check was run yesterday after the 2.0.3
release. This time all javadocs links were excluded.

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From: LinkAlarm <>
Subject: LinkAlarm> Full Check - 99 for Apache Cocoon
Date: 16 Jul 2002 09:15:30 -0400

On 16 Jul 02 LinkAlarm checked the links on the site:

"Apache Cocoon"

   LinkAlarm Report:

   3 Pages with Alarms

   Site Control: Checking options for this site

C H E C K   R E S U L T

Pages: 201       Score: 99       Failure: 0.3%

Of the 201 pages checked, 3 (or 1%) were found to have one or more alarms.

LinkAlarm checked 537 internal links and found 0 (or 0%) need attention.
Internal links are URLs that point to files inside your site.

LinkAlarm also checked 326 external links and found 4 (or 1%) need attention.
External links are URLs that point to files outside your site.

The LinkAlarm Score for this site (99) is an average of the page and alarm
ratios above. A score of 100 indicates all links checked reported no alarms.

The link failure rate for this site (0.3%) is better than
the benchmark link failure rate of 4.2% for the category - Computers & Internet.
See for more about the link failure benchmark.
LinkAlarm noted the following issues when checking your site:

- LinkAlarm did not verify 71 links during this check. See the Links Not Checked section of
your report.

- 1 unique news link(s) identified.

- LinkAlarm found 49 unique email address(es) and could not verify successful delivery to
2 (or 4%).

LinkAlarm - Web Site Quality Assurance
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