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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Cocoon docs link check
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 05:45:20 GMT
Bert Van Kets wrote: 
> In the current light of link checking I did a full test of the CVS HEAD 
> using XENU.
> The report is included.  There are still some errors to be fixed.  Since 
> some of these point to obsolete pages, I'm not sure they should be 
> removed.  Therefor a patch is a bit difficult.
> Diana, do you check this out?
> Bert

Anyone who feels similar itches can assist. It is one of mine, 
so i have helped out in the past. More assistance is needed 
and more automation is needed.

Cocoon has various tools to ensure the internal links, so we 
are quite safe there. That is as long as people do "build docs" 
before creating or committing a patch. The build will fail on 
internal breaks. (Not sure about links to and within Javadocs.) 

Cocoon also provides its webapp/samples/linkstatus/ that does 
internal link checking. That is very useful. For HEAD, it is 
currently showing a few minor breaks.

External links are a bit trickier. It is not really fair to 
banish them just because they were not accessible on the day 
that the link verification was run. I have been maintaining
a document in CVS that summarises the LinkAlarm run and
records how often they have been down from run-to-run.
Obviously that is not an ongoing solution.

Actually the external link situation is going to become an 
issue, now that we have accepted a whole section of Cocoon 
docs devoted to external resources at links/ 

Robust internal links is the main issue. However, how far 
do we go down the road of external link management? Does 
anyone have a clever solution? 

I just added a new document to CVS to explain the various
tools and how people can help.

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