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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: deny postings from non-subscribers
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 15:44:35 GMT
Christian Haul wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Does anyone know if this cocoon-docs mail list has been
> > configured to deny postings from people who are not yet
> > subscribed?
> Many people find this rather inconvenient. If you receive mail through
> a number of addresses and use different ISPs, you end up registering
> all your addresses or -- worse -- just don't post.

We certainly do not want to make it difficult for anyone
to post. Maybe it is the first postings that we need to vet,
rather than non-subscribers.

I am not sure what the Apache procedures are. Perhaps these
issues are already taken care of.

> > I ask this for two reasons:
> > 
> > We do not want spammers to discover the existence of
> > the list and find that they can get through.
> IIRC apache lists use spam filters, judging from cocoon-dev
> they work quite well.

We recently saw spammers hit various Apache lists. It turned
out that xml-commons was letting spam through to start with.
It was fixed. I still think that it is necessary to have
front-line defence.

The cocoon/mail-lists.html says that both cocoon-users and
cocoon-dev are moderated for the first posting. I think that
is probably why we see little spam there. If a list gets known
as a spam target, then it will make the moderator's job hard.

Yes, there is talk at the moment on the 'infrastructure' list
about SpamAssassin. This seems to be a new thing. I reckon
that the moderators have saved us from spam in the past.

> > We do not want people on other lists to simply send a Cc
> > to this list and think that we will just happily deal
> > with every doc-related issue without their involvement.
> So? Someone spending hours writing one how-to or writing a long and
> good reply to a cocoon-users question, covering the whole topic, may
> not send it in? She / he needs to subscribe to cocoon-docs first?
> That's not really "open", is it. 

I thought that with most lists you cannot post if you
are not subscribed. 

> Anyway, this can still be done *if* it turns out to be such a mess.

Perhaps i worry un-necessarily, but i can see the potential
for people to leave it up to the "documentation team".
Just send them a Cc and they can deal with it.


> 	Chris.
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