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From Yahoo <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Closed] (COCOON3-129) Create an example to send a mail via cocoon
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2014 08:47:43 GMT
Hello Thorsten,

it lasted a long time to bring my wicket appliication up to the latest 
spring,hibernate,appfuse,hibernate lucene text search,automatic creation 
of the database from bean annotation by dbunit. I succeeded to include 
hibernate in cocoon.
Now I get back to the specialities of my cocoon applications.
Concerning the Fop serializer: i I used the FOPNGSerializer
and fop-config.xml to include englischeschjoit.ttf.
The second speciality is the reason I used a SendMailTransformer
getting the Mail Text from a cocoon pipeline and also the attachement.
At the moment I don't see how I could achieve this.
The other possibility you mentioned to look for is the node.js 
environment, where there is a hype at the moment.
But here I have no exoerience and I don't know with what to start to 
achieve the above mentioned functionality. Especially by what to replace 

Am 24.07.2013 22:17, schrieb Thorsten Scherler:
> On 07/24/2013 05:30 PM, Piratenvisier wrote:
> ...
>>> Because I am not able to install the whole application because of
>>> this error.
>>>>> But I see a strong tendenca to a programmed pipeline and I found
>>>>> myself even without cocoon on this way.
>>>> see the pipeline example you can use cocoon-pipeline in you normal
>>>> spring webapp (without cocoon servlet).
>> I got a programmed fop-pipeline running. Under wicket you have to
>> grant access to the stylesheets
>> und let wicket give you the full href.
> Actually you can call a java cocoon pipeline from wicket to do the job
> for you. ;)
> ...but seriously there are many fish in the sea and I myself ATM are
> experiencing node.js which is really rapid in terms of development
> especially if your gui is using json. Our company has create a framework
> called rapidMobile where I am ATM testing to serve the static html5 part
> with creating a node.js server around it, instead of using c3 as we did
> before.  While playing around I found it pretty easy to create basic
> REST services for node and do some REST services that prior had been in
> cocoon (maybe re-factored to go into node).
> What I am trying to say is that cocoon is the best in what it is
> designed for: being a lib capable of use x input formats and serialize
> to n output formats. The whole idea for myself is best expressed in
> Apache Forrest and they concept of input, internal and output modules.
> Where everything is drilled down to an internal language so it easy to
> create various input and output formats.
>>>>>> However that seems pretty much as the sample block.
>>>>>> Try just to start cocoon-rest-optional and do mvn clean install
>>>>>> jetty:run
>>>>>> I just added a small sample (I consider it quite clean) to use a
>>>>>> pipeline in your java code.
>>>>> How should i call the Restcontroller from the browser and what
>>>>> result should I see ?
>>>> cd ../cocoon-rest-optional #assuming you were in samples before
>>>> mvn clean install jetty:run
>>>> http://localhost:8888/
>>>> There are three different showcases, the last two ones are mail
>>>> samples. Where "Here comes the response from server..." stands we
>>>> will wait the response. I implement the whole thing with html5 and a
>>>> bit of javascript to post to the server and update the response div
>>>> with the server response. In case you have success it will read:
>>>> "Result: true" while the request is processed you see "Processing
>>>> request...". In case of result: false check the logs in
>>>> ./target/work/cocoon.log
>>>> salu2
>> I got your example running, thank you
>> I aknowledge that cocoon is again getting interesting.
> yeah :)
> salu2

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