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while working with Fleet FYI we have noticed that the reporting process uses the RoamTimestampPrintPolicy currentTimeZone to determine how times are specified and displayed on reports. Given how this works, as a result the times zones associated with time parameters on reports are always with respect to GMT (essentially hard coded). For our users, I'd like to change the report processor to pick up the time zone of the user creating the report. Given some of the changes that Fleet FYI would like to see I am eventually going to have to create a new set of report pages specifically for them.  I can do that now, and make this new behavior specific to those pages, or I can make the current reporting pages pick up this behavior and worry about the changes specific to Fleet FYI later on.  So I guess the question is, will changing to using the User Time zone settings on the reporting pages be too big of change for existing customers or would this be something they would like to see? A third option would be to add a Customer or User level setting that said whether to use the user time zone on reports, and then if it is set to true, switch to the new behavior.  However, it's not clear that this level of configuration can be picked up when the reports are run.
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