IIRC it was juste that configure() was brought by Avalon and setup() by the SitemapComponent interface
At that time, you could setup a non-Configurable sitemap component.

But you're definitely right, a single setup() method with some configuration parameters is enough.


Le 04/04/2012 09:34, Robby Pelssers a écrit :
Exactly my thought.  I never comprehended the difference between the configure() and setup() either. I'm pretty sure I asked the same in a old thread. Even for component developers this leads to confusion.  Nice to see some good discussion being started !!


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I second that concern since I am hitting lately some frontiers opposed
by that sitemap focused view. IMO *.xmap in the end should be a wrapper
to configure spring registered pipes.

+1000!!! :)

Some old school configure methods had sneaked into some componentes and
I think we should clean up some methods and ways to change attributes in

For example the difference between configure() and setup() is IMO not
justifiable to maintain. Further the complete usage of java based
pipelines need to better be synced with the sitemap. I need to be able
to look up pipelines configured by the sitemap in a java only context.

can you believe that today I still get in trouble with that? If it is
confusing for me, I can imagine what users can think - not that I am
good, but of course more familiar that newcomers

However the principal difference ATM is that in xmap the hierarchy is
pipe-match-components but "match" is in no way part of the java pipe
api. Leading to the current situation where both are treated completely

However components such as regexpLinkRewriter and i18nTransformer should
be configured in a spring context to be reusable in a hybrid
environment. In one of our projects I had to duplicate the effort to
configure this. It is a "lesser evil" decisions for now but I am keen to
change it in the near future.

So bottom line IMHO c3 pipes being java or xmap should be usable vice
versa otherwise they cause double of work.


...and if we think abstract the look up of a java pipe in xmap env would
be fire the request "matching" a pattern. What comes within a match are
basically a java pipe. The only thing is to integrate the input
module/language interpreter into the java pipe logic to make xmap pipes
usable as java pipe.

in the CLI module I started working on that, even if with a different
format that xmap - even if not complete yet (I feel shame for not
having completed yet) it shows anyway that injecting config parameters
to pipeline without the Map context is possible

Having worked with all versions and supporting projects that are hybrids
of c2.x and c3 I have to admit if we can think of the traditional 2.x
sitemap as config for spring and we can lookup and (re)use the matches
in both environments than we are so much more than the leading xml
framework since 1998. Since finally our Lego(tm) web components
(generators, transformers, ...) are not bound to avalon and reusable

Having said that, we need to sometimes expose much more setters in our
components to break away from the xmap and vice versa to expose setup()
method to configure the component via sitemap. The parameter based
configuration  proofed to be quick and flexible to configure components
in both environments.

...maybe we even can implement "map:invoke-method name="setup|..." ..."
for components and "configure" them in a more general way. ... with the
benefit in reusing the logic in different environments.

I will write a summary of java pipes in c3 after we go online with the
main project we based on c3, but that may take at least 2 months.
You have my full support, please let me know if/how we can cooperate!

All the best,




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