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El 28 de marzo de 2012 16:52, Lars Huttar <lars_huttar@sil.org> escribió:
On 3/28/2012 3:11 AM, Javier Puerto wrote:
Lars, to be easier to download your sample I think that is better if you do a "mvn clean" first to avoid all the  maven generated stuff also if you create a .zip file with all the stuff it could be better.

I did a "mvn clean" in "theParent" folder, and also in the child "ethnologue-17-pub" (block) folder.
I then zipped up the whole "theParent" tree, and put it at http://www.huttar.net/tmp/c3/theParent.7z
(7zip archive).

Thanks for the job, I was be able to download and deploy in 5m. ;)
I've tested on Linux with the same error so I've inspected the sitemap.xmap closer and the problems was a missing pipeline declaration:

      <map:match pattern="test.html">
        <map:read src="test.html" />

    <map:match pattern="generator/languages-in-country/country_id/77/source">

Last matcher is orphan, it must be declared in a pipeline tag, it works as expected after the change.

Silly me!
Though I agree it would be a lot more friendly if C3 could validate the xmap and produce a more informative error message.

Then in fixing the sitemap, I made another XML mistake (comments inside comments), and got a different error:

ERROR 23069842@qtp-19974377-0 org.apache.cocoon.servlet.XMLSitemapServlet - Can't initialize the RequestProcessor correctly.
org.apache.cocoon.sitemap.SitemapBuilder$SitemapBuilderException: Can't build sitemap.

followed by an NPE. So yes, sitemap validation would be doubly helpful!

Now the sitemap is *really* fixed, and this pipeline works properly on Windows:
        <map:match pattern="generator/{genName}/{paramName}/{value}/source">
          <map:generate src="generators/{map:genName}.xml" />
          <map:serialize type="xml"/>


On the other hand, as of yesterday, in consultation with my customer, we have now gone back to Cocoon 2.1.11 for the current project, as C3 was evaluated as being too far from achieving stability, especially on Windows.
However, we are still keeping our eye on C3, so that we can upgrade our applications once it is stable.

Thanks for all your work...


Does anybody know why C3 is not validating the xmap before executing it? I mean, the "test.html" matcher works but not the illegal declaration and the error thrown is not very helpful. I see the sitemap XSD placed at trunk/cocoon-sitemap/src/main/resources/cocoon-sitemap-1.0.xsd
But I can't see any references in the current project to that file, Can we add validation to xmap files with the XSD schema?


Thanks again,