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Hi guys,


I was just having a chat with my colleague about writing servlet services in one block and using them in another block.  And I told him apparently you can only return xml from a servlet service.  I found this out by writing a service (plain old XSLT) which takes as input XML and returns text or in my particular case JSON.


Whereas this XSLT gets the job done if I use it in a regular pipeline, I could not use it in a servlet service.  Is there a good reason the output from a servlet service can only be XML?  On the docs from C3 for instance http://cocoon.apache.org/3.0/reference/html-single/index.html I read following statement:


It is the responsibility of the Producer to decide whether a specific Consumer can be linked to it or not (that is, whether it can produce output in the desired format of the Consumer or not).


Does this mean C3 would not have this restriction?

I am not sure what you are referring to but it strikes me ought "a servlet service can only be XML". Need to find some time to setup a small test myself, but AFAIK the service can return whatever.

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