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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Website management [WAS Re: resurrect the Cocoon documentation]
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 09:45:30 GMT
Hi all,
yesterday, while looking at, I've spent some 
time at our website, and the e-mail below came into my mind.

I believe we should act in this respect as soon as possible, since our 
outdated website is all but attractive and informative: think only that 
every page reports "Errors and Improvements? If you see any errors or 
potential improvements in this document please help us: View, Edit or 
comment on the latest development version (registration required)." 
pointing to a non-existing Daisy instance.

Taking the attached e-mail into account, I think we should choose whether:

1. try to resurrect a Daisy instance in our jail - with Betrand's help / 
manage somehow 2.1 docs with forrest;

2. use Cocoon to parse existing HTML files (for C2.2 and C2.1) and 
generate a bunch of xdoc/apt files that will serve as a basis for 
managing a whole maven / svnsubpub based website (like as we're 
currently doing for C3);

3. use Apache CMS and try to import all existing documentation 
(including C3's, in this case) - as suggested by David in the e-mail below;

I am for (2) and can spend some time for this, with some other 
volunteer, of course ;-)


On 16/01/2012 14:21, David Crossley wrote:
> Use the Apache CMS for at least our top-level docs
> and the stalled 2.1 and 2.2 docs.
> However, i cannot actually do this work, just explain and guide.
> I have done some background research to try to gather the
> various past threads and docs. Perhaps this will help us to
> bring the Cocoon documentation back to life.
> In the past we had the sources for the docs in xml format
> and then processed by Apache Forrest to generate the html pages.
> A few years ago we moved to using the Daisy CMS to store/edit
> all content for 2.1 and 2.2 versions, as well as the top-level
> project non-version-specific stuff.
> For Cocoon-2.2, and the top-level stuff, the Maven site plugin
> extracted the content from Daisy and generated the html pages. [4]
> For Cocoon-2.1, the Forrest plugin "Daisy input plugin" extracted
> the content from Daisy and generated the html pages. [5]
> For Cocoon-3, the source content is stored in xml files
> and the Maven site plugin generates the html pages.
> All generated html was (and still is) committed to the
> Cocoon "site" SVN [1].
> Then 'svn up' on the machine does the
> publishing step. (Later that step could move to using svnpubsub.)
> The Daisy server operated on our Zones machine
> (which also housed the demonstrations for Cocoon 2.1 and 2.2).
> The Zones server is managed by the Cocoon project. See [2].
> However, the machine that provided the zones for a set of
> projects needed to be upgraded. The Cocoon project did not
> move our services in time.
> IIRC we do now have a "freebsd jail" which is basically configured,
> but not yet re-installed Daisy or Cocoon demo examples,
> nor the web server.
> IIRC we did get a backup of the Daisy data [3] if that helps.
> The Forrest forrestbot neededi to be turned off, as it could not
> access the source content for the 2.1 documentation.
> For the 2.2 documentation, i presume that Maven also has troubles.
> So unless someone can re-instate the new
> and the Daisy server, then we need some other solution.
> Suggestion to use the Apache CMS:
> One other solution would be to use the new Apache CMS. [7]
> It can have source content in either Markdown format
> or in HTML format and perhaps others.
> To resurrect the content, we might be able to use the
> last published "generated" set of html documents, strip off
> the outer headers and menu stuff, replace with basic header,
> and use that set of content to seed the CMS.
> --------------------
> (Some of these resources are only available to Cocoon PMC members.)
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] Search the PMC archive for various email from Bertrand
> [4]
> How to publish docs to
> (i.e. for Cocoon-2.2 and the top-level of c.a.o)
> [5]
> How to publish Cocoon-2.1 docs
> [7] Apache CMS
Francesco Chicchiriccò

Apache Cocoon PMC and Apache Syncope PPMC Member

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