Merging those projects is good, but only if we clean up COCOON. There is a long list of issues with patches (there used to be a weekly mail with them) and an even longer list of unresolved issues. If we keep these issues open, it will be harder to see what we're working on and what we're dragging with us for years. IMO we can close the 2.1 and 2.2 issues that were created in 2010 or earlier with resolution "won't fix". They can always be reopened (or re-created) when someone is actually going to work on them.
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2012/1/3 Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Hi devs,
as you all know, you currently have two separate projects on Apache JIRA, COCOON and COCOON3.

Since there is currently a plan for restructuring the SVN tree [1], what if we unify these two projects on JIRA as well?
AFAIK, this should involve:
1. create new versions and components on COCOON
2. move all tickets from COCOON3 to COCOON
3. close COCOON3



Francesco Chicchiriccò

Apache Cocoon Committer and PMC Member