Hey Robby,

which Cocoon version are you using for your project? In C2.1 and C2.2 there's not only a XMLSerializer but also an HTMLSerializer and XHTMLSerializer for their specific needs. So why not create your own HTML5Serializer?

In HTML5 the specification teams tried to specify what browsers were already doing instead of making a new theoretical specification. HTML5 should be backwards compatible with previous (X)HTML versions. This is the reason why some old elements are not deprecated but considered obsolete (remember marquee, it was so cool on Geocities).
The doctype doesn't really matter, browsers generally ignore the PUBLIC part in the doctype (apart from some hacks in IE going into quirks mode). 
A good presentation about HTML5 is http://vimeo.com/15755349.

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On 6 January 2012 15:48, Robby Pelssers <Robby.Pelssers@nxp.com> wrote:

Hi all,


I’ve been looking at how to add a HTML5 serializer to the project.


So far my investigations have led to add following code to org.apache.cocoon.sax.component.XMLSerializer


    public static XMLSerializer createHTML5Serializer() {

        XMLSerializer serializer = new XMLSerializer();







        return serializer;




Using the HTML5 serializer in a test to print the output:



    public void testHTML5Serializer() throws Exception {

        ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();




           new XMLGenerator("<html><head><title>serializer test</title></head><body><p>test</p></body></html>")







        String data = new String(baos.toByteArray());




Would print


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "XSLT-compat">



<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

<title>serializer test</title>








I read a number of articles describing the issues with serializing html5 and so far this was the best I could come up with which is not 100% conforming due to

·         Non matching doctype although it will not break in the browser  à should be <!DOCTYPE html>

·         The charset should be <meta charset=”UTF-8”/> according to html5 spec







Does anyone have more knowledge on this subject?