Moving to HTML5 is good, as long as slightly older browsers (not only IE8 but also the feature phones) can render the page. For IE8 you only have to add a js to be able to apply styling to new elements as section, nav etc. If you use one of the new input methods, like type="number", the browser will default to type="text" if it doesn't know the type. 
A different thing is the support of audio, video and canvas, but I guess we're not going to use them on a short notice. Makes me think of a nice Cocoon HTML5 sample to render svg...

Jasha Joachimsthal

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On 6 January 2012 16:41, Robby Pelssers <> wrote:

I think it would be reasonable enough if we tested against the latest versions of IE, Chrome and Firefox and skip using features that are not yet supported by all 3 of them.  But the extra check I baked in on Jasha’s advice is a no brainer and resolves most issues for older versions of IE.





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Hi Peter,

I was wondering if we should care much about it. I found a link with the result of the most common used browsers:

Perhaps we can move to HTML5 and use a bare minimum of it. :)

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Antonio Gallardo.

On 05/01/12 14:17, Peter Hunsberger wrote:

I like the look, what's the non HTML 5 / CSS 3 fallback do or look like?

Peter Hunsberger

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 2:01 PM, Robby Pelssers <> wrote:

Hi guys,


I took a stab at giving the sample home page a more modern look using htm5 /css3.  I was wondering what you think about it so far and if I can commit my changes.