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From David Crossley <>
Subject resurrect the Cocoon documentation
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 13:21:30 GMT
Use the Apache CMS for at least our top-level docs
and the stalled 2.1 and 2.2 docs.

However, i cannot actually do this work, just explain and guide.

I have done some background research to try to gather the
various past threads and docs. Perhaps this will help us to
bring the Cocoon documentation back to life.

In the past we had the sources for the docs in xml format
and then processed by Apache Forrest to generate the html pages.

A few years ago we moved to using the Daisy CMS to store/edit
all content for 2.1 and 2.2 versions, as well as the top-level
project non-version-specific stuff.

For Cocoon-2.2, and the top-level stuff, the Maven site plugin
extracted the content from Daisy and generated the html pages. [4]

For Cocoon-2.1, the Forrest plugin "Daisy input plugin" extracted
the content from Daisy and generated the html pages. [5]

For Cocoon-3, the source content is stored in xml files
and the Maven site plugin generates the html pages.

All generated html was (and still is) committed to the
Cocoon "site" SVN [1].

Then 'svn up' on the machine does the
publishing step. (Later that step could move to using svnpubsub.)

The Daisy server operated on our Zones machine
(which also housed the demonstrations for Cocoon 2.1 and 2.2).
The Zones server is managed by the Cocoon project. See [2].

However, the machine that provided the zones for a set of
projects needed to be upgraded. The Cocoon project did not
move our services in time.
IIRC we do now have a "freebsd jail" which is basically configured,
but not yet re-installed Daisy or Cocoon demo examples,
nor the web server.
IIRC we did get a backup of the Daisy data [3] if that helps.

The Forrest forrestbot neededi to be turned off, as it could not
access the source content for the 2.1 documentation.

For the 2.2 documentation, i presume that Maven also has troubles.

So unless someone can re-instate the new
and the Daisy server, then we need some other solution.

Suggestion to use the Apache CMS:

One other solution would be to use the new Apache CMS. [7]

It can have source content in either Markdown format
or in HTML format and perhaps others.

To resurrect the content, we might be able to use the
last published "generated" set of html documents, strip off
the outer headers and menu stuff, replace with basic header,
and use that set of content to seed the CMS.

(Some of these resources are only available to Cocoon PMC members.)



[3] Search the PMC archive for various email from Bertrand

How to publish docs to
(i.e. for Cocoon-2.2 and the top-level of c.a.o)

How to publish Cocoon-2.1 docs

[7] Apache CMS

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