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From Wolfram <>
Subject Re: Porting to current cocoon version
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 15:39:38 GMT
It's a 10 year old app with more than 100 XSP's and specialized tag-librarys depending heavily
on the XSP-concept.

So that mean's I have to create a generator and a StringTemplate for each XSP. Am I right?

Am 16.01.2012 um 15:36 schrieb Robby Pelssers:

> I totally agree with Jos.  If your app mainly consists of transformations with XSLT,
you should be able to migrate within a few days.  If your complete app depends on XSP’s
you will have to spent a lot more time of course. But we’ve been in the same situation and
I guess 2 or 3 people should be able to manage to port in a matter of 1 a 2 weeks.  I advise
you to first follow the samples demo and try to implement a few small use cases from your
existing app.  If you run into any issue address this to the mailinglist in order to evaluate
the risks upfront.
> Robby
> From: Jos Snellings [] 
> Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 3:05 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Porting to current cocoon version
> Hello Wolfram,
> The first. Cocoon 3 is rather a complete rewrite of the framework.
> The benefit: the dependencies of the framework have been limited to a minimum.
> A half-advantage: the scripting capabilities have been limited to stringtemplate. This
sort of enforces scripts to do 'strictly presentation'.
> The minus side:  old xsp scripts have to be rewritten.
> It all depends on how many xsp and flow scripts you have out there.
> Kind regards,
> Jos
> On 01/16/2012 02:54 PM, Wolfram Eisert wrote:
> Hello Jos,
> does that mean there is no xsp available in Cocoon 3 at all or that it's just not recommended?
> Wolfram
> 2012/1/16 Jos Snellings <>
> Dear mr. Eisert,
> 1.  I believe it does. I am using the beta version in a "preproduction environment" for
quite some time and it is stable.
> 2. It depends on what you mean by configuration. The sitemap will need some slight adaptations.
>     Specifics from cocoon 2.2 will no longer hold.
>     - no flowscripts
>     - xsp is "banned"
>     There is a nonvanishing upgrade effort.
> 3. no, it should be written. I never used all of cocoon 2.x, but from my experience:
>     - start project from 'cocoon sample and cocoon sample webapp'
>     - plan need for conversion scripts
>     - adapt sitemap
>     - adjust configuration (which is now essentially spring configuration)
> it depends a great deal on what you have been using in cocoon 2.x.
> Jos
> On 01/16/2012 12:51 PM, Wolfram Eisert wrote:
> Dear List,
> we are currently using Cocoon 2.0.4 and plan to update to a newer version during this
> For that I have a few questions:
> Does it make sense to wait for Cocoon 3.0?
> Is the configuration compatible between Cocoon 2.2 and Cocoon 3.0?
> Is there a "howto" for moving from Cocoon 2.0.4 to a current Version?
> Thank you for your answers.
> Wolfram

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