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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: [C3] Import subprojects proposal [WAS: Re: [c3] Log4j injection in target of blocks]
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2011 16:33:15 GMT
On 01/12/2011 21:47, Simone Tripodi wrote:
> Hi all guys!
> Apologies for the lack of participations but looks like contributing in more ASF communities
requires a lot of time! :)
> My position are:
> * +1 on migrating old components - that's true that we could maintain them in their proper
branch, but at the same time they would need an update to be more compliant with C3 - moreover,
since we agreed on migrating to Java6, it would worth started getting advantage from the new
platform - that would imply "subprojects" actualization.
> * +1 on restructuring the svn, I would like to restructure anyway the C3 first: IMHO
having all the modules in a flat structures starts being a little confusing, even to me that
I'm involved, I would suggest to move to a different hierarchical structure, grouping modules
by technology/extension type/application type.
> Moreover IMHO the 'optional' module should be split, it contains now a lot of good reusable
- more that at the begin - stuff that we could consider as a collection of modules.
> Of course, we have to pay attention to not overengineering.
> I would suggest as well to open a Sandbox open to all ASF committers to experiment new
> My proposal is considering the two topics separately, I would like Francesco lead the
topic #1, I can prepare during the weekend a proposal on how to restructure the SVN.

Hi all,
first of all, apologies for delay :-)

Here it follows some results from my investigation of our current SVN
repository ("from root to branches" someone would have said...) and also
a proposal of mine for making things a bit easier to work with.

I'll take the current structure at as reference and base URL.

Move current /trunk/ under here as BRANCH_2_2_X (similar to BRANCH_2_1_X
and others, already present) so that any further activity on C2.2 can
take place here.

Move /cocoon3/trunk as /trunk/ (Simone restructuring as presented above
will take place here) and /cocoon3/tags/** under /tags, possibly
refactoring paths like as
to simpler /tags/cocoon-archetype-block-3.0.0-alpha-3/

Merge this with current /cocoon3/trunk/cocoon-docs

As said above for /cocoon3, move /cocoon3/tags/* here, possibly
refactoring paths

As said above for /cocoon3, move /cocoon3/trunk/* here.
Then, copy current trunk/subprojects/ (i.e.
/branches/BRANCH_2_2_X/subprojects/ after refactoring):
Next, copy some modules from current trunk/tools/ (i.e.
/branches/BRANCH_2_2_X/tools/ after refactoring):
Finally, copy from current trunk/blocks/cocoon-serializers/ (i.e.
/branches/BRANCH_2_2_X/blocks/cocoon-serializers/ after refactoring):

All modules involved with C3 should have now their places under
/trunk/subprojects/ or /trunk/tools. If there is any module missing
please let me know.

We will need, of course, to adapt all pom.xml's for working in the new


Francesco Chicchiriccò

Apache Cocoon Committer and PMC Member

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