Hi guys,


Just wanted to know if the issue in below thread has ever been fixed. 




To shortly describe the use case:




The zipserializer only allows either:

-          You specify a @src  pointing to some cocoon pipeline using cocoon://   (Ideally it would also support the servlet: protocol as now I have to provide a façade in the calling cocoon block)

-          You specify inline content and the @serializer


In a ideal world you should be able to use @src in combination with the @serializer because now I have to first include the content from a pipeline by using <cinclude> before calling

<map:serialize type=”zip”/>




I actually created some nice generic functionality to work around some issues:



************************ FLOWSCRIPT ***************************************

function downloadImdsZip() {

    var entries = [];

    new Collection(cocoon.request.getParameterValues("id")).forEach(function(id){

                var entry = {"name": id + ".xml", "source": "cocoon://chemicalcontent/imds/" + id + ".xml", "serializer": "upload"};

                print('Adding entry [name=' + entry.name + ', source=' + entry.source + '] to ZIP archive.');         



    var response = cocoon.response;                        



                    "attachment; filename=imds.zip"


    cocoon.sendPage("zipArchive", {"entries": entries}); 




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>






   This jx expects an array called 'entries' containing objects with following properties:

   * name       (mandatory)

   * source     (mandatory)

   * serializer (optional)


   * If both source and serializer are provided, we assume that we want to include the content inline so we can specify the serializer



    <jx:forEach var="entry" items="${entries}">

      <zip:entry name="${entry.name}">


          <jx:when test="${entry.serializer != null}">

            <jx:attribute name="serializer" value="${entry.serializer}"/>

            <cinclude:include src="${entry.source}"/>         



            <jx:attribute name="src" value="${entry.source}"/>          








<map:match pattern="zipArchive">

  <map:generate src="jx/zipArchive.jx" type="jx"/>

  <map:transform type="cinclude"/>

  <map:serialize type="zip"/>




But I now am facing the same nullpointer exception as in the link above.


Anyone some usefull input on this matter?



Robby Pelssers