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From Jos Snellings <>
Subject Re: status c3
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 08:30:26 GMT
True, Simone, I am delighted to find a renewed activity these days!
Projects that stem from the archetypes show:
   1. dependency from cocoon parent, but path is relative. I would like 
to avoid that
   2. they are configured with the plugin for the 'reloading class 
loader', fine when developing, but not for production

This is what I am going to try:
  - make a mvn cocoon project based on maven's latest versions
  - using just the dependencies I need
  - packaging just the war for the webapp

Kind regards,

On 11/02/2011 09:21 AM, Simone Tripodi wrote:
> Hi Jos!
> As you noticed, the 'alpha' status - which is related to APIs only,
> not software stability - is finally terminated, we are on the beta
> way, but the first beta release has not been released yet!
> If I recall correctly, core APIs you are interested on, have not
> changed, so your application should continue working with the new
> artifacts - problem would be they are still SNAPSHOTs... :S
> There is not an official plan, with roadmaps and deadlines,
> unfortunately, since no one of Cocoon developers has the chance to
> work fulltime on it, so it is currently maintained in our spare time -
> that's why there are times where activity increases, but sometimes is
> very low :P
> Just let us know if you need details about C3, we would be more than
> pleased to help you!
> All the best, have a nice day,
> Simo
> On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 5:45 AM, Jos Snellings<>  wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> What is the current status of cocoon-3?
>> - I notice that the archetypes in the trunk are still on alpha-3, whereas,
>> - most of the artifacts have shifted to beta-1?
>> Here is the news:
>> - I have been using what I could call c3 "core" for quite some time now (>
>> 1y)
>>   no complaints
>>   (core = servlet, pipeline, sax, sitemap, controller)
>> - I have a possible case for a nice c3 application, but I am afraid that
>> cocoons official status ("alpha" according to the documentation)
>>   will scare the customer
>> What's the plan on short notice?
>> Could live with beta, I guess.
>> Kind regards,
>> Jos

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