Hi Robby,

I would be  *VERY* interested in a new Cocoon 2.3 release with the points you described.
Actually I could offer to do some of the work myself or at least have someone in my company paid for committing...

What I remember of one of the talks with Reinhard is that the switch to Spring 3 is actually just a problem of the RCL plugin...

Most work would probably be to migrate to Dojo 1.x. But if we just change the JS library and make the existing JS code work again, I think we would be fine. Jeremy's proposal with migrating to Dojo 1.x was much deeper: He actually wanted to implement dojo skins and redesign the whole repeater-concept.... In our case we would be already quite happy with just upgrading to the latest dojo versions. In fact we had to tweak cocoon 2.2 already a lot, that the dojo 0.4.3 stuff works for us, there have been really strange problems...


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From:        Robby Pelssers <Robby.Pelssers@nxp.com>
To:        "users@cocoon.apache.org" <users@cocoon.apache.org>, "dev@cocoon.apache.org" <dev@cocoon.apache.org>
Date:        15.09.2011 09:10
Subject:        help needed for migrating Cocoon2.2 to Spring 3

Hi all,
I’ve seen plenty of people asking for coming up with a new release Cocoon2.3 where cocoon would ship with:
- Spring 3
- Dojo 1.x
- EhCache 2.3.x
- FOP 1.0

In our particular case we would already be satisfied with being able to switch to Spring 3. But so far no single successful upgrade path has been described on the mailinglist.  It also looks as no effort is being put in Cocon2.2 anymore.  I just want to get some confirmation on this.  
We might be able to hold of making this switch for a small period of time but as a precaution I want to understand if it is wiser bet my money on Cocoon3 (which does not even have a stable version yet) or wait for a new version of Cocoon2.2 which might never see daylight.
Ps. If anyone could already give the steps to take to do it ourselves we would be very thankfull.
Kind regards,
Robby Pelssers