Am 04.08.2011 00:03, schrieb Sylvain Wallez:
Le 01/08/11 16:26, Nathaniel, Alfred a écrit :

Hi all,


C3 is still set to 1.5 as source and target version.

Java5 is end of life since almost two years now.


Is there any good reason not to go 1.6?

Here's an additional one to the ones already given : StAX ( is included in 1.6, whereas it requires a separate implementation (e.g. Woodstox) in 1.5.

I have another one: trunk cannot be compiled with Java 5 any more.

Adding @Override to methods that implement an interface is only allowed in 1.6 and not in 1.5.
I can see 44 errors due to that in cocoon-sax, cocoon-sitemap, cocoon-stringtemplate and cocoon-wicket.

So our build is only working because de facto we are already running on 1.6.

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