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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Re: [C3] Java version 1.6
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 19:43:49 GMT
Hi all guys!!!
I agree with Nathaniel, I had terrible pains with method-not-found
exception with Google Doclava simply by targeting to java1.5 but using
1.6 :P
Anyway, the animal-sniffer[1] maven plugin helps a lot on keeping code
safely 1.5 compatible - Google team used it a lot while developing
Google Guice

Anyway, I'm +0 for the upgrade and explain my personal motivations
following the list provided by Francesco - and please remember I'm
more familiar with core&optional APIs ;)

* Collections Framework Enhancements

+0: We are strongly relying on LinkedList, HashMap and LinkedHashMap
implementations; is there any impl in Java6 that could help on
improving the pipeline APIs?

* and ServiceLoader

+0: there's nothing that commons-discovery[2] cannot do compared to
Java built-in ServiceLoader; OTOH, discovery supports more features

* Internationalization Enhancements: especially now that we should
start working on the new i18n transformer [3]


* JMX [4] and Management enhancements: will we ever put this great
Cocoon 3 stuff in production?


Last but not least, Cocoon 3 depends on many other frameworks and
libraries that will eventually require Java 6 (and 7, soon)

+0: If those dependencies name start with 'S' and terminate with
'pringframework', I would personally love to see them replaced, but
that's just *my* POV :P ;)

Have a nice day, all the best!!!


On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Nathaniel, Alfred
<> wrote:
> Peter Hunsberger wrote:
>> We seem to have this discussion every few years.  There's always
>> people that can't upgrade.  Personally I think it's time to do it and
>> I wish we had done it long ago.  With C3 in particular, people should
>> have no dependencies in production since it is still officially Beta.
>> Even if they do, they can stay on a previous version after all, if it
>> is good enough to use at all why can't they stick with what they are
>> using?  Unless someone can come up with a reason not to I'd say it's
>> time to start a vote.
> True, we had the same discussion years ago to me C2.1 from J1.3 to J1.4.
> Apart from the improvements we get when using 1.6, my main point is that
> real 1.5 support is not achieved by using a 1.6 javac with -source=1.5
> and -target=1.5.
> That happily compiles and generates 1.5 byte code containing calls to
> String.isEmpty.  Only when you run that jar in a 1.5 JVM it will die
> with a method-not-found exception.
> Unless we have a good crowd of developers who voluntarily stick to 1.5
> all the way, it is just wishful thinking that C3 is and remains 1.5
> compatible.  Even if that hypothetical poor guy exists who would love
> to use C3 but is stuck at Java5, I don't think we do him a favor.
> Better force them to go 1.6 than to have them chase the next odd
> String.isEmpty which leaked into the release.
> Hands up who is / is willing to run jdk1.5 for C3 development.
> NB Jenkins is setup with 1.6.  Does infra support real 1.5 builds?
> Cheers, Alfred.
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