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From "Nathaniel, Alfred" <>
Subject RE: [C3] Java version 1.6
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 13:56:37 GMT
Peter Hunsberger wrote:
> We seem to have this discussion every few years.  There's always
> people that can't upgrade.  Personally I think it's time to do it and
> I wish we had done it long ago.  With C3 in particular, people should
> have no dependencies in production since it is still officially Beta.
> Even if they do, they can stay on a previous version after all, if it
> is good enough to use at all why can't they stick with what they are
> using?  Unless someone can come up with a reason not to I'd say it's
> time to start a vote.

True, we had the same discussion years ago to me C2.1 from J1.3 to J1.4.
Apart from the improvements we get when using 1.6, my main point is that
real 1.5 support is not achieved by using a 1.6 javac with -source=1.5
and -target=1.5.

That happily compiles and generates 1.5 byte code containing calls to
String.isEmpty.  Only when you run that jar in a 1.5 JVM it will die
with a method-not-found exception.

Unless we have a good crowd of developers who voluntarily stick to 1.5
all the way, it is just wishful thinking that C3 is and remains 1.5
compatible.  Even if that hypothetical poor guy exists who would love
to use C3 but is stuck at Java5, I don't think we do him a favor.
Better force them to go 1.6 than to have them chase the next odd 
String.isEmpty which leaked into the release.

Hands up who is / is willing to run jdk1.5 for C3 development.

NB Jenkins is setup with 1.6.  Does infra support real 1.5 builds?

Cheers, Alfred.

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