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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject RE: vitality of Cocoon: a good basket to put eggs in?
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 17:58:39 GMT
On Wed, 2011-07-13 at 12:28 +0200, Robby Pelssers wrote:
> Hi Thorsten,
> My opinion exactly.   Unless you're prepared to write a bit of java code yourself to
fill the missing gaps you might be better of waiting till C3 ships with all components out-of-the-box.
 Or file a request for new feature in JIRA.  In the end this is still a open-source project
which would fit the remark a previous boss of mine used to say when I asked for a new product
feature...   This is a DO-OCRACY so get your hands dirty.  My contribution for the next few
months will be writing blogs about my experience of moving from C2.2 to C3.  And hopefully
contributing a few lines of code in the end as well ;-0

that is good to hear. If you can manage to commit as well to the docu
where you see place to enhancement that would be awesome. 

I reckon you will stumble over some missing components like i18n where
we can cooperate on migrating the code. Well actually i18n is not that
easy since it has heaps of deps on other cocoon packages and maybe it
makes sense to even rewrite the component. If we can manage to make it
compatible with the old-school way of configuration we lower the barrier
for people to switch from 2.1/2 to c3.

Ideally the migration old-school standard component based development to
c3 would be less then an hour. That would bring us back the old user
base. c3 is really worth to use due to all the annotation and spring
based config possibilities.

Our classes can be slimed down to a couple of lines since all the
manger.lookup nightmare is gone.

Our current development is using a axis generated client which we
initialize in spring and then injected to the class with 

protected MyEndPoint myAxisEndpoint;

and then in our 
public abstract RestResponse doGet()

we can use it right away with no boilerplate code, that is so much
cleaner and nicer. 

...leading us back to the subject of the mail for me a big  +1 (that is
getting popular this days ;) )IMO a very good basket!

Thorsten Scherler <>
codeBusters S.L. - web based systems
<consulting, training and solutions>

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