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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: vitality of Cocoon: a good basket to put eggs in?
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 10:18:01 GMT
On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 10:40 -0500, Peter Hunsberger wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Lars Huttar <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I guess my main question is, how reliable is the Cocoon dev team's
> > commitment to Cocoon 3.0? How likely are we to see a release version in
> > the next 6 months to a year? Will there be bug-fix releases, or will 3.0
> > be dropped in favor of another rewrite?
> >
> Hi Lars,  a couple of thoughts.  I think  C2.1 is pretty stable and as
> a result doesn't see a lot of activity.  It is however still widely
> used.  Personally, I hope to start a C3 project some time in the next
> year or so.  Like any Open Source project it's as active and safe as
> the participants make it.  If you see it as being attractive you
> should check it out and see to what extent it meets your needs and if
> it doesn't how much work you think it would take to get it where it
> needs to be.  I suspect that for the XML pipeline world C3 is still
> more cost / time effective than a lot of other approaches. Also, C3
> seems to be slowly attracting more attention, I don't think it would
> take much to tip it over to being a pretty active project.  It
> certainly isn't going anywhere!

Actually since the end of the last year we at codeBusters are developing
almost all new projects with c3 and are very happy to do so. ATM our
main use is based on the REST module but we started as well to migrate
different "old-school" components to c3 (see e.g. directoryGenerator
r1142139 on the difference to the old-school one) and have some committs
still to sync with trunk.

Regarding doing c4 before maintain c3 I doubt that. IMO c3 is the future
of this project and when people start to send patches it will become the
standard again that we were all the years before for xml. There a lots
of people still in love with cocoon. ;)

Like other pointed out c3 has not the componente base as 2.2. or 2.1.
and some componentes will be more difficult to migrate then other, but
IMO what is missing ATM is a community effort to migrate 2.1/2
componentes to c3. We at codebusters do the migration for some of those
in the near future but we should plan a couple of community days to
organize the big migration of the most important "old-school" components
to c3 with the help of the community.

...but the biggest problem I see is helping hands. If you and other are
looking into using c3 please be prepare to make your hands dirty to
document, send patches, ... Every helping hand is welcome and every
contribution matter.

Thorsten Scherler <>
codeBusters S.L. - web based systems
<consulting, training and solutions>

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