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From Huib Verweij <>
Subject Re: PS. Re: Cocoon 2.2, STX block, TraxTransformer, transformer-factory
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2011 07:55:42 GMT
Hi David,

Op 11 jun 2011, om 04:12 heeft David Crossley het volgende geschreven:

> Huib Verwey wrote:
>> Magic stuff really does not happen. Of course it wasn't the silly attribute that
did the trick, it was adding a dependency on the Joost jar that did the trick. Of course,
once you know it's obvious ;-).
> Thanks Huib, glad that you worked it out and reported back.

Thanks for your time and support.

> Is there something that needs to be modified
> in the Cocoon-2.2 SVN?

Seems to me that the cocoon-stx-impl could do with a dependency on Joost.

But like I said in another post, I would like to use some of the blocks like cocoon-validation-impl,
cocoon-stx-impl, cocoon-fop-ng-impl without a -SNAPSHOT version and just depending on the
Cocoon 2.2 version that is out there in the repo. I tried to check out the tag "cocoon-2.2"
from SVN but in that version these blocks have -SNAPSHOT versions, so that didn't really help.
But I wouldn't know how to build this cocoon-2.2 tag, the necessary files for that just are
not there - or am I not supposed to do that? I would really like to have some of these (imo
stable) blocks to be in some repo somewhere without a -SNAPSHOT version. Right now, AFAIK,
if I want these blocks I'll have to build Cocoon from source, is that correct? If not, please
let me know from which (snapshot-)repository I can get these blocks.

Also, for me there are many things wrong with a Cocoon 2.2 SVN trunk checkout (when I build
with an empty local maven repo). One test fails, there a dependencies on jars that cannot
be found and there are dependencies on Cocoon's own (sub)projects that have wrong version
numbers. To save my colleagues time and frustration I now check out 2.2 trunk from SVN, patch
it up so that it builds, zip the whole thing and send that to them. I would be happy trying
to collect all the patches I did and send them to you - my patches are of course "just make
it work" patches, but most of them are OK I guess.

Hartelijke groet,


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