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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Cocoon 3.0.0-alpha-3
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 21:37:43 GMT
On 06/09/2011 11:22 PM, Reinhard Pötz wrote:
> On 06/09/2011 07:06 PM, Simone Tripodi wrote:
>> [ ] +1, let's release Apache Cocoon 3.0.0-alpha-3
>> [x] +/- 0
>> [ ] -1, because (explain the reason why)
> Thanks for your great efforts! There are two things that need to be done
> before I can vote with +1
> a) Please add you PGP key to
> b) We also need a non-Maven (yes, there are still people that don't use
> the central Maven repo) distribution.
> You don't have to redo the release for that reason. Checkout the release
> tag, go to cocoon-all/pom.xml and apply the changes that I've just
> comitted to your working copy. Then run
> mvn clean package -P apache-release
> which will create the release artifacts.
> At this point the PGP signature files are missing because the creation
> of the release artifacts doesn't happen as part of the Maven release
> procedure.
> Hence sign the created .zip and .tar.gz files manually (gpg -sba
> [filename] should to the trick, at least with Linux GPG) and upload them
> to your public html folder so that others can check
> them before they cast their votes.
> Otherwise the Maven release artifacts are fine AFAICS. I've updated my
> Cocoon 3 projects and they all work well with alpha-3.

One thing I forgot to mention:
There are distribution release artifacts in 
but they are lacking the docs and some submodules.

Sorry, I haven't thought sooner of it :-(

One final note: The distribution release artifacts don't need to be 
copied to the central Maven repository sync folder when the vote is 
completed. I've just updated the release notes.

Reinhard Pötz         Founder & Managing Director, Indoqa and Deepsearch

Member of the Apache Software Foundation
Apache Cocoon Committer, PMC member        

       Furthermore, I think Oracle has to honor the JSPA agreement.

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