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From Jos Snellings <>
Subject Re: Latest on Cocoon?
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2010 13:37:27 GMT
Will turn out well, I guess!
I have a cocoon 3 application running with happy users.
The core is not so like to undergo dramatic changes. What is evolving a 
bit is 'goodies' and 'integration'.
What I like very much is that unnecessary dependencies have been 
removed. Also the separation between jars is better. For instance, if 
you do not need StringTemplate you can skip it;
same with cocoon-wicket.


On 12/17/2010 02:13 PM, Robby Pelssers wrote:
> I really can't understand why you would still like to use XSP while there are far better
alternatives out there?  I was in the exact same position 6 years ago where we had this large
Cocoon application using solely xsp's. We took the decision to rewrite all functionality to
flowscript / jxtemplate and we never regretted this decision.  And 2 years back I decided
to switch to Cocoon 2.2 and yet again no regrets.  Sure, you have to do quite a bit of additional
work but postponing an upgrade will fire back at you in the long run.  Not saying you have
to be an early adapter but once those early birds have used it for 1 year in production environments
and most bugs are removed... you should definitely consider it.
> I'm about to start writing my first Cocoon 3 app while it's still in alpha-2 ...  See
how that turns out ;-)
> Kind regards,
> Robby Pelssers
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> Van: Johan Cwiklinski []
> Verzonden: vr 17-12-2010 9:54
> Aan:
> Onderwerp: Re: Latest on Cocoon?
> Le 17/12/2010 09:43, Laurent Medioni a écrit :
>> Unfortunately, if you are stuck as we are with XSPs, 2.2 is not an option...
>> We are even decommissioning our pageflow implementation based on Flowscript to switch
to a plain Java stateless implementation...
>> So definitely not the 2.2 direction from what I understood...
> XSP block is not longer maintained under cocoon>  2.1. Anyaway, I was
> able to build and use the 2.1 xsp block with cocoon 2.2 a few months
> ago, for testing pruposes.
> That seems to work pretty well (all my tests on existing XSPs were
> successfull.
> Although, I did not plan to use that on production environments...
>> Laurent
> Regards,

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